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January 22
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celes is quite hella by Jhiffi celes is quite hella by Jhiffi
yup this is the next pic in that series of my favorite dangan ronpa characters i said i was gonna do. first one of these is this chihiro.

character in pose i've already drawn them in before?: check
drawing hastily slopped together because i hate drawing complex outfits?: check

HEH ok now, i'll go ahead type some about why i like celes, like i did for chihiro!

((Spoilers for up to chapter 4 of dr1 in here and the link below))

ok so some reasons i like celes... well first of all i'm gonna point out that just because i like a character doesn't mean i condone their actions or personality, in fact celes is the character i'd stay the furthest away from in the school of mutual killing, as i believe her to be the most dangerous person in the cast. (except maybe syo.) that's one of the reasons i enjoy her, though. i've always had a thing for characters that are all about lying or causing chaos or playing everyone against eachother so they can get to the top, characters that you can never quite trust. Celes of course fills that role very, very nicely. and i find her escapism to be a really interesting trait, and her relationship with yamada is certainly interesting, though i'd find it hard to explain so I'm gonna leave a link below here. i also feel like she's a bit of an unloved character, due to her offing not one but two characters for her dream, though that may just be my impression.

this is getting long pretty fast, so if you want to know more about my opinions about celes I'd suggest you read this wonderfully made analysis of her, it has pretty much everything i was thinking about writing here but am refraining from. (keep in mind i did not write that analysis, should you read it!)

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kopycat101 Featured By Owner Jan 22, 2014  Student General Artist
Celes is so hard to draw. Even if this was 'hastily slopped together' it still looks great...Damn.

No matter how much backstory or character analysis, though, I still dislike certain characters...And I like almost all the DR/SDR2 characters, so me disliking someone is really out there. *throws Celes in the fire* Sorry Celes, you gambling onion fairy
Jhiffi Featured By Owner Jan 22, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
uGH IKR i mean i pulled off chihiro in just a fraction of the time this took, her design just has so much crammed in it. and thank you! yeah by "hastily slopped together" i mean i kind of felt like i didn't do as well as i could've at least when it came to the clothing. like her skirt and headband both are supposed to have proper lace and i noped right out of that, haha i'm not used to consciously leaving things out like that, is all.

yeah some characters just leave a bad taste in your mouth, i know how that is! i also like basically every character in dr/sdr2 to some extent, but there's some characters that i just can't bring myself to appreciate more than i do now. i guess an example for me would be asahina, she's lovely and friendly and a great friend but i just can't get interested in her really.

kopycat101 Featured By Owner Jan 22, 2014  Student General Artist
Honestly, I wouldn't draw her proper lace either. It's true-- her design is way too cluttered...Damn you lolita clothing, why must you be so cute but so complicated?

Here here. I can like characters for their plot significance or personality, but I can also hate them for their actions and personality. ie Nagito Komaeda is a piece of shitty soap, and no matter how much justification people give him (which is a LOT bc he's a white-haired pretty anime boy) I will still dislike him.

God, if she was real, she'd despise me for that nickname. So now I'll use it more. Celes the gambling onion fairy.
Jhiffi Featured By Owner Jan 23, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
YEAH SERIOUSLY it's like just when i think i'm done then-but wait-- THERE'S MORE

yeah not gonna disagree with that, one of the great things about dangan ronpa is everyone has their own place, significance, background, and story. most of them have developments and character arcs as well, if they live long enough that is...,, idk why i typed that really it wasn't entirely related i'm pretty tired right now haha BUT YEAH everyone is free to like and dislike whoever and people telling you otherwise should just not.

BUT HOLY SHIT KOMAEDA YEAH PEOPLE SING TO THE HIGH HEAVENS OF HIS PURITY. the oNLY things i'll agree with about komaeda is that 1. he IS sick, 2. he DOES think that he's taking the ""right"" path. does that excuse him basically being open to-- and eventually trying- to murder everyone? nooot in my book hahaa. i honestly think he's a lot like celes, at least in that he's got a dream and he's willing to go to dangerous lengths to fulfill it. HOWEVER i still enjoy komaeda quite a lot as a character, as i find him to be quite entertaining. i definitely wouldn't want to be trapped on an island with him.. or have to sit next to him on an airplane... or be in the same general area at all haHAH.

ahahaHA oh god if celes was real i'd not use that name at all for fear of her finding me one day
kopycat101 Featured By Owner Jan 24, 2014  Student General Artist
I think the thing that bothers me the most is that the 'attractive males' get defended to Hell and back by the fandom. But if it's one of the girls that isn't amusing (like Syo or Junko) or one of the 'ugly' guys, they get bashed instead.
Like, wtf. You see legions of Komaeda, Leon, Souda, etc defenders. And then you get people bashing Mikan, Teruteru, Hagakure, Yamada, etc. Really pisses me off, mate.

EXACTLY. Thank God I'm not the only one. If we're supposed to appraise people for purity, then appraise Naegi, Chihiro, Sakura, etc.

But yeah-- Komaeda's pretty great for moving the plot. But Koko is loco. And kinda like Togami or Junko, I would just despise having to put up with them in real life. As characters, they're great. Everything else, not so much.

I heard that if you look in a mirror with the lights off and say 'gambling onion fairy' three times, then Celestia Ludenburg from Dangan Ronpa comes out of the mirror and murders you :V
Jhiffi Featured By Owner Jan 25, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Yeah that seems like typical fandom behavior to me, and it's certainly well and strong here in the dangie fandom due to having all the proper fuel. CAN I JUST SAY THOUGH that one of my favorite things to see is someone bashing teruteru or yamada for being a perv and yet they think souda's a precious innocent baby. i've seen a lot of that and all i can do is just very pointedly think ?????? at them since i don't really like to argue over that shit.

i don't know why people are so eager to prove that their favorite character is a perfect muffin. you can like asshats, you can like imperfect characters, they're characters. in fact i'd argue that having both negative and positive aspects is a sign of a good character. like for example for me again, i quite like souda, even though like i just said he's most definitely a giant perv, and has some other negative aspects that i won't go into since i don't wanna turn this into an essay about him. he's also got positive aspects and all in all i find him to be a fun, relatable (yet reprimandable) character.

and yeah i'd definitely hate him and a lot of other characters i love if i actually had to deal with them in a real life situation hahaha.

WOAH NO WAY MAN i heard that if you stand between two mirrors in the dark and spin around 7 times while chanting "who'd ever fall for that four-eyed lemon" byakuya togami from dangan ronpa will appear in one of the mirrors and give you a very perturbed look and then murder you
kopycat101 Featured By Owner Jan 25, 2014  Student General Artist
Yuuuuuup, that very thing is the kicker. Fandoms are that in general ahaha;;;

Whenever people go over-the-top and just completely bash characters that's when I go "stop there ding dong ur wrong". That's when explanations can come in. But cmon, all good characters have strengths and weaknesses, and most certainly flaws. I love Souda to bits and pieces, but I know when he's a problematic little shit :') And THANK GOD SOMEONE ELSE LIKE ME *intense whirring sounds* Yes yes yes yes to all, yes to Souda character analysis

Oh man, that rumor sounds more hella tight than mine hot dang.
Okay, but I heard that if you play Pokemon X/Y in front of your bathroom mirror, and chant 'Super High School Level Despurr' then an army of Espurrs dressed at Junko Enoshima will pour out of your 2/3DS and murder you with their creepy stare
Jhiffi Featured By Owner Jan 25, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Yeah it is p annoying when people just flat out get something wrong or go really overboard with their hate. I look at fandoms as something to enjoy with like-minded people so I avoid drama and arguments all I can hahah. i'll set things straight if it's directed at me but that's it really

OH HELLO ANOTHER SOUDA FAN THAT ACKNOWLEDGES THE FACT THAT HE'S A LIL SHIT ON SEVERAL OCCASIONS it's a real shame how many just ignore his flaws i mean that's half his character they're dismissing.


yo this aint as scary as yours but i heard that if you shout "AVRIL LAVIGNE" into the night on friday the 13th and listen real carefully you can still hear the incoherent gibberish of teruteru hanamura to this day
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PreviousGenius Featured By Owner Jan 22, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Celes is a awful, terrible manipulative ridiculous greedy girl who murdered both my husbands and swam through the pool wearing all her lolita garb
Celestia Ludenburg is incredible I love her

Jhiffi Featured By Owner Jan 22, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
YEP that's p much how i feel as well!

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